Lowe’s School of Music has been a big part of our family for many years. Our own love of music was something we wanted to foster in our kids, and we are lucky to have found Lowe’s to teach and engage them in ways that spark their own musical curiosity. Our youngest son Cameron, now 9, has benefitted from both piano and drum lessons; our eldest, Lucas, now 13, started taking guitar lessons with Clayton when he was 9, and his enthusiasm for improving his talent, and his appreciation of the talents of others, is only increasing.

Thanks to Clayton’s support and guidance, Luke has added vocals to his guitar playing; taken part in Lowe’s week-long summer music camps; played in the jazz band at school; performed at ‘open mic’ nights in Bloor West Village since he was 11; and was accepted into an arts/music-focused high school. As parents, we know that the benefits of Lowe’s goes far beyond learning to play an instrument – we love seeing our kids’ self-confidence grow, and new friendships form over a mutual love of music – benefits we know will help them throughout their lives. At Lowe’s you’ll find a group of talented teachers who truly love music, nurture the individual learning styles of each child, and create an environment that inspires their own musical creativity. Thank you Clayton & Lowe’s School of Music!

– Anne Bowie

Our daughter has been a student at Lowes for over 4 years now.  Giving her the gift of music hasn’t always been easy and getting her to practise has often times been a battle to say the least, but the teachers and staff at Lowes have been beyond patient and understanding.

Watching her stand up to sing and play guitar at the open mics and Christmas concerts has made it all worth it.  Lowes has provided the kind of one to one care that she needed to become a kid who can stand up in front of a crowd and perform with confidence.  We can see it shining through in her speeches, presentation marks and other  performances at school as well.

Our second child has recently started at Lowes and it’s amazing to see the progress even after a few weeks.  If you’ve been thinking about giving your child the gift of music, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks Lowes School of music.

– Steven and Dagmara

Our boys have taken lessons at Lowe’s for over six years. The very talented musicians who teach there are so enthusiastic and inspiring that our boys practice daily without being asked! The kids like the fact that lessons can also include songs they bring to class and want to learn. Clayton has introduced open mic sessions and band camps to the school which provide great opportunities for students to perform for families/friends – showcasing their talents in a laid-back setting. These sessions have really helped developed our own kids’ self-confidence. Thanks everyone – you’re the best!
-Stan and Shari

Our children Sarah and Jack have been attending Lowe’s School of Music for 6 years now.  During this time they have enjoyed being part of your music school, learned a great deal, and have had a great deal of fun performing at the annual Christmas Concert and Baka Open mike nights.  Jack has also had a lot of fun at the summer Band Camps and has grown a lot in terms of working as part of a group and performing in front of a live audience.  All the teachers at Lowe’s are fun, enthusiastic, with a love for music which is evident in their teaching.  We would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in getting themselves or their children involved in music and learning an instrument.

     Thank You

-Rachel and Dave Florio


girl playing piano


piano student performing


piano student