Summer Band Camp

Our summer rock band camp gives students the opportunity to learn what it means to play in a band. Focus is placed on rhythm, song arrangement, dynamics and performance. Students will work together mastering 3 songs covering various popular genres (pop/rock/metal/r&b etc.) At the end of the week, the band will perform their songs at a cool local venue!


Student rock band from summer band camp


Summer Voice Camp

Over the course of the week, students will have a fantastic opportunity to perform as part of a vocal ensemble, similar to what we used to see on the popular TV show “Glee”. They will learn about proper singing technique, expression, and harmony. Camp participants will be focusing on learning 2-3 songs and the camp culminates in an exciting performance night where students can show off all they’ve learned!


Song Writing Camp

What makes a great song? How do you start writing a song? How do you come up with that special “Hook” that makes us want to sing along with the song? Students will begin the week by┬ádoing an in-depth analysis on a selection of songs as they begin to discover what made these songs hits. The next step will be to embark on their own song writing adventures. Emphasis will be placed on lyrical themes, popular cadences and fundamental theory in order to craft their own original work. Students will have the opportunity to perform their original music in a cool live setting upon culmination of the camp.